The vineyards are cultivated according to criteria of integrated pest management, with maximum respect for the environment: grass control only occurs with mechanical work and without the use of chemicals.

In all seven hectares pruning is, according to tradition, Guyot with 7/8 buds per vine in the barbera, uva rara and vespolina, 8/9 gems in the nebbiolo and 9/10 in erbaluce.

The production of grapes are therefore well below the limits imposed by the product of the respective doc. All grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the cellar for the treading through cassettes. The vineyards are located on three different hills, in the local dialect 'Möt': the MötZiflon, the Mötfrei and the Campazzi.

The three vineyards are characterized by the exposure and soil type: Motziflon is facing south-west with clay soil, Mötfrei is south facing with red loamy soil, Campazzi is exposed to the west and the soil is loose , with a higher percentage of sand.