Uva Rara

The Colline Novaresi are the gentle rolling hills north of Novara in Alto Piemonte that have had a noble history of fine wine making for centuries. Uva Rara (Rare Grape) is a native varietal that derived its name from its loose forming clusters and sparse berries. It is also rare to find Uva Rara bottled as a 100% cultivar, as it is here. The careful field selection of the fruit, fermentation on the peel for five days and six months aging in steel produces a medium weight ruby-red wine with elegance and aromas of black currants, rose and spice.



Colline Novaresi Uva Rara doc   Selva lunga

Vineyard: Hills of Novara, North Piedmont

Grape Variety: Uva Rara 100 %

Harvest time: the end of September

Winemaking: selection of grapes in the vineyard, fermentation in stainless steel for five days

Ageing: six months in steel, in the bottle for at least six months

Tasting notes: ruby red color, aromas of cherry, currant and violet, medium-bodied and fresh.

Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C














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Uva Rara
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